Community Education on Peaceful Coexistence in Nine Okordia Clan and Zarama Clan Communities

Two affiliate Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) of RCE Greater Yenagoa – the Community Inter-Relations and Conciliation Initiative (CIRCI) (as lead partner) and SprintLife (SL) (as associate), visited a number of communities in the Zarama and Okordia clans between 7-9 November, 2018.

These included New Jerusalem, Epie-Zarama, Nyambiri (Zarama clan) and Agbobiri, Akumoni, Ayambele, Kalaba, Ikarama, and Freetown communities (Okordia clan). A total of 560 persons attended the community engagements in all the nine communities.

The community engagement included a peaceful coexistence campaign on how community members can live together in harmony, in recognition of the fact that peace is not only important but a prerequisite to achieving sustainable development.

Community members were also informed on the progress made with regards to the implementation of agreed community development projects. All community developmental interventions are decided by the Community Trusts (CT) with the supervisory Okordia/Zarama Cluster Development Board (CDB). The Chairman, Secretary and the Treasurer of each CT are members of the CDB. Other members of the Okordia/Zarama CDB are government representatives, SPDC representatives and representatives of the facilitating NGO (CIRCI).

Photo: Community Engagements in Agbobiri (Credit: RCE Greater Yenagoa)