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ESD Professional Training materials available to organise HESD workshops


Dear RCE community,

at Universsity of Zurich we will start a one year professional training programme on ESD for university educators. We are currently producing handouts for theoretical input as well as organise online panel discussions that will be recorded and online accessible. 

If you also like to organise professional training for educators at your university, you are free to use the handouts and online materials for your workshops. Additionally we could get in contact to organise peering sessions to facilitate exchange between participants of professional trainings at various institutions.

Please find attached the flyer of the programme. It indicates the topics of the workshops, handouts and online panels. The handouts are currently under development and the first will be ready in september. Workshops and online panels start in october.

For questions please contact me at: mader@sustainability.uzh.ch 

All the best, Clemens




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More information at: http://www.uzh.ch/about/basics/sustainability/team/projects_en.html