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Invitation for Co-Operation

Please find enclosed our ‘Invitation for Cooperation’ of RCE’s on the continental level. An invitation we have been working on past month in order to pick up the constructive cooperation of RCEs in Europe now that the GAP is ready to take off and the Okayama Declaration has been published . In this phase, awaiting your ideas and proposals, this is no more than a well meant initiative to establish more togetherness of the RCE’s themselves. From thereon to further consider what the whole group wants to work on, propose, discuss, organize or not, plan, do. As a harmonious and democratic alliance, no more, no less. Unleashing our potential, together.

With sincere greetings, taking this initiative and warmly welcoming you to join, we hope to hear from you soon in reply to this mail,

Friedrich Zimmerman (Graz-Styria),

Johanna Bernhardt (Tyrol)

Pierre Cocheril (Bretagne)

Christian Buettner (Nurnberg)

Jos Eussen (Rhine-Meuse)

Thomas Schwab (Munich)

Kalterina Shulla (Albania)

Walter Leal (Hamburg)

Peter Reichenbach (Ruhr)

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