Transforming Together: RCEs Respond to SDGs in the UK

Transforming Together: The Values and Actions Needed to Respond to the SDGs in the United Kingdom

26 participants from six RCEs in the UK met at the University of Edinburgh on 20-21 June 2017. The event was hosted by RCE Scotland. This was the first meeting of the UK RCEs since June 2013, and was held as a follow-up to the European RCE meeting in London in 2016. 

Aims of the Meeting

• Promote key values and actions to take forward SDGs at a time of insecurity and uncertainty
• Follow up the European RCE meeting held in London June 2016
• Share the work of UK RCEs and learning from each other
• Promote joint working across the UK RCEs and beginning to plan possible collaborative activities
• Enjoy networking with like-minded colleagues

Need for Action

• appropriate SDG indicator development and monitoring

• vertical alignment between local, national and global spheres of implementation and across sectors; good governance

• extensive and effective partnerships

• support of communities in the debate and delivery of aspirations for the future

• the support of formal, informal and non-formal learning for sustainability to support all SDGs

• the responsible use of sound science and other knowledges

• engagement and partnership with the private sector

• exploration of sustainable routes to enhance prosperity and wellbeing  

• building coherent plans of action between domestic and international agendas

• inspiring and enabling young people to contribute to SDG implementation  

During the meeting participants discussed how the RCEs can advocate UK Government action on the SDGs domestically and focussed on developing a joint communique from the UK RCEs. How RCEs should be responding to the SDGs was discussed in open space settings. Here participants could select the theme that most interested them. Questions and points raised were, among others: How can RCEs support mainstreaming the SDGs into the 3-18 school curriculum? What support is available to schools in Scotland for this? How can RCEs support refugees and migrants? How are we giving Young People a voice to share what they are doing towards the SDGs? 2018 is Scotland’s Year of Young People.

A full report of the meeting, including presentations can be found here

Photos of the meeting have been uploaded on facebook.

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