RCE Srinagar Holds Webinar to #BeatPlasticPollution

Organised by CEE of RCE Srinagar, in collaboration with UN Environment (UNEP) and the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, the webinar 'Beat Plastic Pollution' was held recently on World Environment Day (5 June, 2018). With over 120 participants across 10 countries and 69 cities globally, in addition to 60 attendees live at the venue (hosted at the Lincoln Room of the US Consulate General, Kolkata, India), the webinar stressed the need for global participation in order to combat plastic pollution. Experts spoke about the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems, whilst experiences of plastic bans and results in different countries were shared. Questions and discussions in the Q&A session centred on recycling plastics in a circular economy, the role of education in reducing the usage of single use plastics, why plastic products are cheaper, and how EPR can be effectively used to manage plastic waste issues.

On completion of the webinar, a pledge was taken to pursue the concept of the 5Rs, to create more awareness and educate as many people as possible on the significance and impact of single use plastics, and to set targets at individual and organisational levels to reduce and manage levels of plastic waste.

The webinar was attended by representatives of government bodies, students, universities, companies in the corporate sector, regional and international NGOs, local representatives and individual community leaders.