RCE Brittany Conducts Didactic Project on Climate Change

Starting in January 2019, a didactic project was conducted with university students at the University of Southern Brittany, Vannes, France, within their existing French lessons.

The aim of the sessions has been to deepen their knowledge on the topic of climate change, by giving them a basis of thinking, leading them to analyse their data, use the processes of mind mapping, intuition, and the interaction of SDG 13 with other SDGs to study the causes and consequences of climate change on social, economic, and ecological plans, in order to define possible solutions.

The sessions uncovered that there are learning gaps, with some participants unaware of the GAP and all of the 17 SDGs. Interactions between the different SDGs and their importance was covered, with students learning to work with these interactions in mind moving forward.

Further research is expected to be carried out in the next stage, looking at how to determine solutions from the collected data.

Take a look at a presentation from RCE Brittany (including content in French) on the project here.

(Photo credit: Françoise Laveuve)