RCE Chandigarh


RCE Chandigarh  is led by the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology and works on education for sustainable development activities and issues in Chandigarh and the state of Punjab, India. The major sustainable development challenges affecting the region are degradation of the state’s fragile agro ecosystem, water-related problems, pollution, biodiversity loss, and loss of indigenous and traditional knowledge.


RCE Chandigarh is made up of a wide group of educational institutions, institutions of higher learning, government agencies and NGOs in the state of Punjab and Union territory, Chandigarh. Together, the RCE members are working to improve access to quality basic education via formal and informal education to address sustainable development, by taking steps such as strengthening existing education programmes, enhancing public understanding and awareness, and by providing training in various sectors. Overall, these organisations intend to create a learning space so that, globally, a world is created where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from quality education and learn the values, behavior and lifestyles required for a sustainable future and positive societal transition.


For more information, please contact the following persons at Punjab State Council for Science & Technology (PSCST), Chandigarh:

Dr Jatinder Kaur Arora, Executive  Director

email: Jkarora20@rediffmail.com

Dr Satnam Singh Ladhar, Additional Director

email: ssladhar@yahoo.com

Dr. Sunil Saxena, Principal Scientific Officer

email: drsksaxena@yahoo.co.in

Ms. Ravleen, Senior Program Officer

email: ravleenmarwah@gmail.com