RCE Delhi

RCE Delhi is located in the capital of India and is bordered on three sides by Haryana and by Uttar Pradesh to the East. With more than 18.6 million living in Delhi, the capital has a bigger population than Australia. Being one of the world's most polluted cities, Delhi is faced with several environmental and social threats. Air pollution caused by road dust and industry, water pollution and lack of solid waste treatment facilities are just a few of the challenges the city faces every day.

Current Activities

RCE Delhi was established in 2002 in view of the growing demand for ‘education’ projects, at the institutional level and beyond. RCE Delhi firmly believes that there is a need for governments, civil society organizations, academic institutions and every individual of this planet to come together in solidarity for the protection of the only planet where life is possible.  In order to realize this belief in reality, RCE Delhi engagee students, teachers and youth in promoting environmental sustainability and support them in value-based learning for creating environmentally responsible citizenry and self-reliance in communities.

Key Activities and Programmes

  • Ensuring presence at international conferences, seminars and cities
  • Organize environmental awareness and capacity building programs
  • Leadership Development Programmes in ESD
  • Encourage young students, teachers, parents and the community to practice the 4Rs—refuse, reuse, reduce and recycle, and to make consumption
  • Sensitize on issues related to WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) to make peer educators thereby creating multiplier effect to come up with school and community based solutions
  • Integration and collaboration of regional stakeholders so as to develop joint projects promoting sustainable development (SD) and ESD in Delhi.