RCE Kitakyushu

RCE Kitakyushu is located in Kitakyushu, western Japan, an industrial centre in the region since the early 20th century. Industrial pollution in the 1950s led to environmental concerns in the region. These were first raised by housewives, who generally take responsibility for their families' health. With the help of experts, these women studied local environmental problems, collecting data and building research. These efforts grew into a women’s advocacy movement called “We Want a Blue Sky”. Advocates joined other concerned parties, including residents, universities, municipal government and businesses. By the 1980s, pollution had diminished considerably and today the city is recognized as a green economy leader.

The RCE’s vision is to support every citizen, helping them understand the concept of sustainable development by integrating it into all educational processes and activities. In order to build a just and sustainable society, RCE Kitakyushu carries out its activities through four project teams:

  • ESD Outreach Team: to strengthen network and capacity of communities;
  • Study and Research Team: to develop educational tools for outreach, give lectures and conduct monitoring;
  • Public Relations Team: to publish newsletters and communicate with the public; and
  • Youth Initiatives Team.

In addition, networking with national and international RCEs has been actively pursued.



For more information on this RCE, please contact Ms. Morikawa at  k-esd@k-esd.jp.