RCE Kuching - 2021


Valuing Water, World Water Day 2021
Basic Information
Title of project : 
Valuing Water, World Water Day 2021
Submitting RCE: 
RCE Kuching
Contributing organization(s) : 
UCSI University
Natural Resources and Environment Board
RCE Youth Ambassadors Committee
External (not within RCE Kuching) : UNU-IAS and UNU Flores
Focal point(s) and affiliation(s)
Mukvinder Sandhu
Organizational Affiliation: 
UCSI University Sarawak Campus
Format of project: 
Online Seminar
Language of project: 
Date of submission:
Monday, March 22, 2021
SDGS , ESD for 2030
At what level is the policy operating?: 
Geographical & Education Information
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Address of focal point institution for project: 
UCSI University, Lot 2976, Block 7, Muara Tebas Land District, Sejingkat, Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia
Target Audience:
Socioeconomic and environmental characteristics of the area : 
Kuching - Kuching is one of the twelve administrative divisions of Sarawak in Borneo. It is the most populous division of Sarawak comprising the districts of Kuching, Lundu and Bau with an area of around 430 sq km. Kuching is also the capital of Sarawak and occupies both banks of the Sarawak River. It has a unique, exotic blend of rich tropical rainforests & mountains, rich heritage and cultural diversity.
Description of sustainable development challenge(s) in the area the project addresses: 
Rivers Conservation - rivers an important part of the city. Riverine communities depend on the rivers for daily sustenance. These rivers are also sites for tourism activities, kayaking, access points to national parks and communities. Various development activities have resulted in the degradation of the water quality of these rivers such as deforestation for development and agriculture, timber harvesting, pollution due to poor waste management, lack of awareness.
March, 2021
The forum was aimed to be part of the UN Water's World Water Day Campaign. A tool kit shared in the UN water's website was used to share consistent messages about the importance of water for humans and natural ecosystems in RCE Kuching's social media platforms. Various messages highlighting the importance of water as an essential resource were shared with the RCE's youth members and stakeholders.
-To initiate the Asia-Pacific regional group on waters and rivers as per UNU-IAS's advice. This webinar serves as a way to facilitate and start discourse on areas which some RCEs in the AP region could work together on.
-To raise understanding on how water is valued by different people in different contexts
-To create awareness on protecting water & water-related resources
Activities and/or practices employed: 
- Sharing by various AP RCEs on work and activities related to protecting water sources. UNU-IAS, UNU Flores provided some invaluable insights on the monitoring and protecting efforts of water ecosystems.
-This was an online seminar
Size of academic audience: 
267 participants
-RCEs in the Asia Pacific Region learnt from one another on how projects related to rivers and water could be duplicated within their regions. RCE Kuching specifically is interested to work with RCE Hangzhou to bring the schools river programme to Kuching.
Lessons learned: 
-More time to be spent on discourse on way forward for RCEs as well as communities within their regions
-Key policymakers often show little interest to join these sessions
-Some key stakeholders of RCE Kuching did join but more thought needs to be put into translating these events into more impactful sessions such as follow up sessions, directions from policy makers
Key messages: 
It is hoped that the objectives of this webinar were achieved as most feedback received indicated that the audience appreciated the main messages about valuing water as an essential resource and how different communities view water. The fact that this was done on World Water Day made it even more meaningful.
This also served as a way of bringing together RCEs within the Asia Pacific Region and paving the way to start a thematic (Water, Rivers and Livelihoods) collaborative project between these RCEs.
Relationship to other RCE activities: 
Other RCEs who shared about their work related to water:
RCE Otago
RCE Hangzhou
Fully online webinar - no funding required


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References and reference materials: 
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
(https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs) and other themes of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
SDG 4 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all 
SDG 6 - Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all 
ESD for 2030-Priority Action Areas
Priority Action Area 3 - Developing capacities of educators and trainers 
Priority Action Area 4 - Mobilizing youth 
Priority Action Area 5 - Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level