RCE Peterborough Kawartha Haliburton

RCE Peterborough Kawartha Haliburton is a diverse collaborative that includes post-secondary institutions, governments and government agencies, local First Nation communities, educators, elders, private sector partners, and non-profit organizations.

Designated as an RCE in 2016, our mission is to advance partnerships and projects that promote sustainability education at every age and stage of life in the Peterborough, Kawarthas, and Haliburton areas.


  • Ways of Knowing that value Indigenous Knowledge as foundational to sustainability education; that recognize the importance of lived and community-based experience; and, that are guided by reciprocity and caring.
  • Ways of Teaching and Learning that bring multiple partners together to support transdisiplinary, lifelong learning in sustainability; that are accessible to all and have benefits for all; and, that foster community awareness including knowledge of and caring for natural systems interrelated with the economy and socio-cultural factors.
  • Ways of Doing that support sustainability skills for daily living and secure employment; and, that foster a sense of belonging for all of our citizens.


While the work of this newly established RCE lies before us, we are guided by six long-term objectives:

  • To recognize the vital importance of Indigenous Knowledge systems as they engage across all curricula
  • To implement age-appropriate sustainability and stewardship education frameworks from pre-school to secondary school, in both formal and informal settings
  • To build strong bridges between school curriculum and the spectrum of programs offered at Trent University and Fleming College
  • To link post-secondary programs and community-based training programs to green jobs, research, and innovation in the region
  • To develop reciprocal exchanges of sustainability knowledge and practice between residents within the region and with communities across the globe, and
  • To facilitate meaningful local action to advance the above objectives in the context of the Global Action Plan priorities.


Jane Gray - Sustainability Policy and Education Advisor, RCE Sustainability Education Network (jane.gray@rcekawarthas.com)

Carlotta James - Network Secretariat Administrator, RCE Sustainability Education Network (carlotta.james@rcekawarthas.com)​

Website: https://www.rcekawarthas.com/