RCE Trang

RCE Trang is situated in a hilly region on the southwestern coast of Thailand. Trang is well-forested and has two conserved areas. Rubber and palm oil cultivation are the major agricultural activities and fishing brings in revenue for the coastal population. Population increases from migration is one of the primary challenges the region faces, as it places added pressure on the environment and destroys natural resources. The region is also working to conserve its indigenous traditions and cultures, which are battling against modernization.

RCE Trang has launched a public campaign to raise awareness of sustainable development while upholding the morals and traditions of the region. In addition to these efforts, it is also working to:

  • Be a centre of expertise while adopting the philosophy of the sufficiency economy and upholding social values, traditions, and customs;
  • Develop a centre where local people can share and seek knowledge on sustainable development;
  • Enable cooperation and exchange of expertise and experiences of the RCE network among members;
  • Facilitate public access to information, activities and resources on environment;
  • Enable people to exhibit and demonstrate their achievements and new discoveries; and
  • Encourage businesses to integrate sustainable development in their activities.

For more information on this RCE, please contact rceservicecentre@unu.edu