RCE West Sweden Webinar Workshop: RCE Futures 28 October, 2015 9-11 am CET

Following on from the productive gathering at the WEEC in Gotheburg, RCE West Sweden is currently developing a series of on-line RCE Futures sessions. The intention is to develop and explore our individual and collective aspirations of the RCEs, whilst also deepening our thinking and practice in linking these to the broader context of the ESD goals.


The organisers propose to begin this process with a two-hour session scheduled for October 28. It will kick off at 9am Swedish time and will be led by Marcus Bussey, Åse Bjuström and Miriam Sannum of the RCE West Sweden. Prior to the session a 30 minute lecture will be made available sketching key elements of the futures process and also supplementing this with a couple of readings. A central value in our approach to futures is the belief in collaborative networks of co-creation. In that spirit RCE West Sweden kindly invites you to join us on October 28 as we explore the creative space of futures thinking.  

Spaces are very limited for this workshop, since it is a pilot event. Please check this site for more information on this event. Registration will open soon here. 

Monday, September 28, 2015 - 09:30