RCE Czechia

On 27th April 2017, the RCE Czechia was officially launched. It is the first RCE in the Czech Republic with only a modest 4 RCEs in Central and Eastern Europe (Albania, Russia and Serbia).

RCE Czechia’s stakeholders are a community of 22 partners - Czech universities, schools, NGOs, representatives of local government and small-scale entrepreneurs, who together aim to build a culture of sustainability and involve citizens in democratic processes.


The members of RCE Czechia consider it necessary to enrich the existing Czech educational approaches (at all levels of formal and informal learning) by integrating methods based on the authentic experience with nature, the arts, crafts and vocational work, leading ultimately to lifestyle changes. Using the member’s knowledge and experience, RCE Czechia aims to create opportunities for dialogue, plans joint learning activities and practically focused projects. Responding to local and regional development issues RCE Czechia will promote economic practices based on the sustainable use of local natural and cultural assets for the benefit of the communities and the environment. This approach is currently being practiced by some small-scale sustainable businesses that actively report to RCE Czechia.

RCE Czechia aims to cover the entire Czech Republic through its activities. More information on RCE Czechia’s activities can be found on the RCE website.


Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Czechia. http://rce.czp.cuni.cz/ Dr. Jana Dlouhá Charles University Environment Centre José Martího 2, 162 00 Praha 6 jana.dlouha@czp.cuni.cz http://www.czp.cuni.cz/


RCE Czechia members:

  • Charles University Environment Centre – RCE coordinator
  • Charles University, Faculty of Education, Center for Environmental Education
  • Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Environmental Studies
  • University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Faculty of Economics
  • Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Faculty of Education
  • Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Physical Culture
  • The Center for Environmental Education and Ethics SEVER
  • TEREZA, an educational center
  • People in Need, Education Program Varianty
  • Charles University, Faculty of Humanities
  • Lifelong learning, Ltd.
  • Edunika, registered association
  • Society for Sustainable Living (SSL)
  • Secondary School for Environmental Protection and Restoration – Schola Humanitas
  • Jaroslav Anděl, curator and consultant
  • EnviroApp, Ltd.
  • ROCEKO, registered association
  • Grantica, registered association
  • Association of Lower Pootaví municipalities
  • Expero, Ltd.
  • Greenjobs

Advisory Board RCE Czechia:

  • UN Information Centre Prague
  • Czech Man and Biosphere programme (MAB UNESCO)
  • Government Council for Sustainable Development
  • Ministry of the Environment, Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic
  • Hogskulen for landbruk og bygdeutvikling, Norway