RCE Tasmania

RCE Tasmania

(www.efs.tas.edu.au) is located in the island state of Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania has a rich cultural and natural heritage with up to 45% of Tasmania’s environment protected.  But Tasmania faces sustainability challenges associated with its remoteness (it has the most regional and dispersed population in the country), its weak economy historically relying on extraction activities (e.g., whaling, old growth forest logging, hydro-electric dams and mining), and its high levels of socioeconomic disadvantage.

In this context, RCE Tasmania aims to bring together the strengths of organizations and people currently working towards addressing the challenges linked to environmental, economic and sociocultural sustainability. There is excellent work taking place in pockets around Tasmania which RCE Tasmania can identify, link and leverage, using education as a central tool.


In the short term, RCE Tasmania is working to:

  1. Expand and strengthen the Tasmania Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) community network;
  2. Develop an effective communication network to encourage common and positive understandings surrounding sustainability in the Tasmanian community;
  3. Identify and map existing strengths and weaknesses within Tasmania that impact learning and action for sustainability;
  4. Leverage support and obtain funding to secure ongoing operation; and
  5. Establish and build links with the RCE global network.

In the longer term, RCE Tasmania is working to:

  1. Implement innovative and effective approaches to address needs related to understanding sustainability within all components of the community;
  2. Establish an ESD training system for teachers to integrate sustainable development themes in the curriculum;
  3. Ensure the next Tasmanian generation is learning the values, skills and knowledge necessary to secure a sustainable Tasmania; and
  4. Become a leader in the incubation of learning, innovation, research and action for a sustainable, resilient future that shares these learnings globally.

For more information, please contact:

For more information on this RCE, please contact:
Name: Maria Clippingdale
Education for Sustainability Tasmania Facilitator, Sustainable Living Tasmania
Website: www.efs.tas.edu.au, e- mail:  efstas@slt.org.au