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Image icon Wales 1. RCE Cymru logo.png (109.57 KB) RCE Cymru: universities collaborating, integrating, involving across all sectors for the well-being of future generations Gwenan Griffith, 2018
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Thursday, July 19, 2018
Welsh universities joining forces to put the Well-Being of Future Generations Act into practice

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European RCE Meeting Focuses on Teacher Training, TVET, and Capacity-building in Vulnerable Communities

Sixteen RCEs from 12 countries recently gathered in Vannes, France, for the 2018 European RCE Meeting, hosted by RCE Brittany from 29th – 31st August, 2018. Organised under the theme ‘ESD and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – how can RCEs coordinate both to achieve sustainable development?’, this meeting was the largest meeting of RCEs in Europe that has occurred to date.


RCE Severn Celebrates University-community Collaborative Projects

Four RCE Severn projects were selected for funding through the University of Gloucestershire’s professional support programme, Learning Innovation for Tomorrow (LIFT) for 2018. The LIFT programme aims to support new innovations in learning and in turn bring transformative, futures-oriented learning into the curriculum. In addition, it connects students’ learning with the community to advance shared sustainability goals.

United Kingdom

RCE Czechia 2nd Annual General Meeting Focuses on Driving Further Cooperation Towards the SDGs

On 23 May, 2018, RCE Czechia held its 2nd Annual General Meeting, with 17 member representatives in attendance from higher education, schools, informal education, governmental bodies, NGOs and its RCE Advisory Board.

The RCE’s activities and plans were presented, including their first jointly developed flagship project, ‘Responsible Consumption – Education for Sustainable Lifestyles’, which began recently, aiming to address SDG 12 through the education of school pupils and university students.

Czech Republic