15th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

15th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

14-16 September 2023, hybrid, hosted by RCE Tongyeong

(Photo credit: Seol Hyeonjoong)

The 15th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was held in a hybrid format from 14-16 September 2023 at the Sejahtera Forest in Tongyeong City, Gyeongnam Province, Republic of Korea. The meeting was hosted by RCE Tongyeong under the theme 'Empowering Sustainable Community through Education for Sustainable Development'.

The event emphasised the importance of engaging local stakeholders to promote sustainability in the Asia-Pacific region. By sharing experiences and networking with RCEs, participants gained valuable insights and knowledge on how to incorporate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practices in their communities, contributing towards building sustainable societies.

The Sejahtera Forest, with its ocean, wetland, forest, and community gardens, provided a picturesque backdrop for the meeting. The three-story Sejahtera Centre, with its educational spaces, exhibitions, and office spaces was the main venue for the event.

A report of the event is available here.


Date/Time: 14-16 September 2023

Location: Hybrid
In-person: Sejahtera Forest, Tongyeong City, Gyeongnam Province, Republic of Korea (116 Yongnam-HaeAn Ro, Tongyeong, Gyeongnam Province, Republic of Korea). 

Programme: Final programme

Summary: Summary of the 15th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (prepared by RCE Tongyeong)

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