8th Tongyeong ESD International Forum reviews role of Sejahtera Centre for Asian Pacific RCEs

RCE Tongyeong and the Municipal Government of Tongyeong established the ‘Sejahtera Forest for All’. ‘Sejahtera’, a Malaya word, means sustainability. RCE Tongyeong, Korea dedicated the three-story education centre, within a 200,000-meter square Eco-Park, to promote ESD and the Asian Pacific RCE network. Since its establishment, the Park has seen regular ESD Forums, this year being the 8th gathering on 21-22 October 2016. ESD professionals and RCE representatives from Asia Pacific joined the Forum to share their experiences, programmes, and activities during the first year, since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Forum reviewed the role played by the Sejahtera Centre as an ESD platform, and the participants shared thoughts on how to make better use of the Centre for RCEs in the region. So far, the RCE Eco-Park has provided a way to build good relationships and collaboration among RCEs, and to promote Asia-Pacific perspectives on sustainable development and ESD. Since its opening in 2015, over 70,000 people have visited the Centre, including visitors from 23 RCEs. As a member of the Key Partner Network of the UNESCO Global Action Program on ESD, the Centre continues to contribute to the strengthening of the partnerships among RCEs in Asia-Pacific and to promote ESD in the region.

Abdhesh Gangwar of RCE Srinagar and Programme Director, CEE Himalaya and CEE North-East shared the work done by Indian RCEs, and suggested potential collaborations among the RCEs in India and within the Asia Pacific region. Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change and Sustainability were areas, where collaborations could be possible.

Photos have been uploaded on facebook.

South Korea