9th Americas Regional Meeting

9th Americas RCE Meeting 2020

13 October & 14 October, 2020, virtual/online

(Photo credit: Salisbury University)

The 9th Americas RCE Regional Meeting was held virtually (online) on 13 October and 14 October, 2020 and hosted by RCE Salisbury under the theme 'The Future is Now – Sustainable Development'. 

The comprehensive programme included discussions on the intersections between education for sustainable development (ESD) and other disciplines of academic study, as well as how working with partners from other sectors, such as business and NGOs, enhances learning. 

Read the report from RCE Salisbury here, or see below for details on the programme and presentations.

If you missed the event, watch the videos for Day One or Day Two.

The Global RCE Service Centre would like to thank the team at RCE Salisbury for their outstanding efforts and coordination in making the 9th Americas Regional Meeting a success, and to all participants for their active participation and contributions.


13 October and 14 October, 2020
18:00-20:00 (EST)

The Future is Now – Sustainable Development


The programme can be accessed here (in English) or here (in Spanish).

Instructions on how to submit a project to the RCE Portal
Details on how to submit a project to the RCE Portal can be found here. Please make sure you have your login details ready (please contact the Global RCE Service Centre if you have forgotten your username or password). A video tutorial is available to guide you through the process.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Brittany Foutz, RCE Salisbury Co-Director, at blfoutz@salisbury.edu.



Presentation Presenter/s
Regional Advisor for RCEs in the Americas: Update Dr. Roger Petry, Regional Advisor for RCE Americas
RCE Saskatchewan Mobilization through Virtual Communication and Policy Platforms

Ms. Margret Asmuss, MCED., B.A. HON., Co-coordinator, RCE Saskatchewan
Ms. Jill Forrester, RCE Saskatchewan Communications Working Group, RCE Saskatchewan
Dr. Roger Petry, Regional Advisor for RCE Americas

Investigating the Relationships of Food System Sustainability in Vermont and Puerto Rico Dr. Chris Nytch, RCE Coordinator, and Fundación Amigos de El Yunque, RCE Puerto Rico
Dr. Walter Poleman, Co-Coordinator, RCE Greater Burlington Senior Lecturer, Director of Ecological Planning Program, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, The University of Vermont
RCE Puerto Rico: Reflexiones del primer año Dr. Chris Nytch, RCE Coordinator, and Fundación Amigo de El Yunque, RCE Puerto Rico
Ms. Nancy Merlo, M.D.P., Program Assistant Coordinator of Fundación Amigos de El Yunque , RCE Puerto Rico
RCE Greater Portland: The Power of Collaboration and Collective Impact Dr. Kim Smith, Sociology Instructor, Portland Community College - Founding Director, RCE Greater Portland
Broadening Engagement at a Critical Time Dr. Frank D. Granshaw, Faculty, Department of Geology - Faculty Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University, RCE Greater Portland
Virtual Bridge to the International Climate Process Dr. Neeraja Havaligi, Env. Sciences Faculty, Oregon State University - UNIDO Biodiversity and Climate Change Specialist, RCE Greater Portland
Spatial Analysis of Sustainability and Climate Vulnerabilities in Savannah, GA Using SDGs Dr. Jairo Garcia, CEO, Urban Climate Nexus - Georgia Tech Professor of Climate Policies and Sustainable Cities, RCE Greater Atlanta
RCE Greater Atlanta Mentorship Program Ms. Adair Garrett, Youth Network Engagement Director, RCE Greater Atlanta
Video message Ms. Kiyoka Miki, Director, Office of Environmental Education General Policy Division, Ministry's Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Updates from the Global RCE Network: 2019-2020 Dr. Philip Vaughter, Research Fellow, UNU-IAS



Presentation Presenter/s

Sustainable Organization Trainings for Georgetown Country Public Services

Georgetown County Public Works Training Proposal

Ms. Peg Howell, M.B.A., Community Outreach Coordinator, Georgetown RISE, RCE Georgetown
Ms. Maeve Snyder, M.S., Director of Communications and Education Task Force, Georgetown RISE - Coastal Training Program Coordinator, Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, RCE Georgetown
Eco-Interns Facing Sustainability and Resiliency Ms. Oriana Silva, Sustainability Intern, Office for Sustainability and Programs, Dallas College, RCE North Texas
RCE Grand Rapids | 2020 Update Ms. Gayle DeBruyn, M.M., IIDA, LEEP-AP Leadership Team, RCE Grand Rapids Professor of Design Studies, Kendall College of Art and Design
Education for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Erik Nordman, RCE Grand Rapids
SDGs and Youth Engagement Ms. Jen Cirillo, M.S.E.E., Director, Professional Learning, Shelburne Farms, RCE Greater Burlington
The Right Colour Blue Mr. Jonathan Yee, Co-Founder/Director Planning and Governance, Echo Change, RCE Saskatchewan
Youth as Engine to Promote Sustainable Lifestyles in Colombia Dr. Diana Páez, Coordinadora proyecto "En Modo Acción", Programa de Ingeniería Ambiental, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad el Bosque, RCE Bogota

UNESCO Indigenous Education Research Project (presentation)


Ms. Dorothy Taylor, Elder for Fleming College and Trent University and Founder of the Sacred Water Circle, RCE Peterborough-Kawartha-Haliburton
Ms. Jane Gray, Ph.D. Candidate, Teacher at Trent University, RCE Peterborough-Kawartha-Haliburton
Ms. Ashley Safar, B.A., Manager of Indigenous Student Services at Fleming College, RCE Peterborough-Kawartha-Haliburton
Intercultural Knowledge and the Metamorphosis of Consciousness for Sustainability Ms. Teresa Salinas Gamero, M.E.A, Executive Director, Peruvian Institute of Complex Thought Edgar Morin (IPCEM) of the University of Puerto Rico - Director, RCE Lima Callao
Shenandoah Valley RCE Update Dr. Steve Grande, Chair, Sustainable Shenandoah Valley- Director, Community Service-Learning, RCE Shenandoah Valley
Building Your Story intelligence to Enhance Your Capacity to Effectively Lead Change Mr. Richard Stone, M.S.C.P., M.S.P., CEO of StoryWork International, RCE Greater Atlanta
Walking Out of the Anthropocene: Reworking Ecological Education with Indigenous and Arts-Based Pedagogies Dr. David Zandvliet, Professor, Simon Fraser University - Director, Institute for Environmental Learning, RCE British Columbia
Dr. Shannon Leddy, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia, RCE British Columbia
Conflict Prevention and Creative Problem Solving in ESD Dr. Brittany Foutz, RCE Salisbury Co-Director
Dr. Brian Polkinghorn, RCE Salisbury Co-Director
RCE Americas Governance Working Group Presentation to 9th RCE Americas Virtual Meeting RCE Americas Governance Task Force



Day One:


Day Two: