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Call for application: Sejahtera Residency Program @ Sejahtera Centre, Tongyeong

Sejahtera Residency Program @ Sejahtera Centre for RCEs in Asia Pacific, Tongyeong

Sejahtera Residency Program aims to create an opportunity for experts, researchers and artists who are working for global sustainable development to enjoy a time and space away from their usual environment and obligations at Sejahtera Centre for RCEs in Asia-Pacific in Tongyeong, Republic of Korea. Selected recipients of the program will gain a chance to; experience meaningful exchange of ideas with members of RCE Tongyeong, international guests and vibrant local community; access ESD archive at Sejahtera Centre; and organize projects of their interest during the refreshing stay at the beautiful Sejahtera Forest. Sejahtera Residency Program welcomes colleagues from all walks of life who have expertise, ideas and heart to contribute to finding the path to sustainable future!


>>Please refer to attached file for details

http://ecopark.rce.or.kr / rceorg@gmail.com

South Korea
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