Call for public review on the policy briefs to the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2015

As part of the efforts to improve science-policy interface in the intergovernmental processes on sustainable development at the United Nations, the Global Sustainable Development Report had posted an open call to the scientific community around the world, inviting scientists to submit briefs, highlighting specific issues, findings, or researches with a bearing on sustainable development in its three dimensions – economic, social and environment – or their inter-linkages. Briefs were submitted by end of January 2015 in any official UN language. They had to be factual and based on peer-reviewed literature, focusing on the review of up-to-date findings relating to a particular issue, or presenting solutions to a problem or challenge. Key messages from the current scientific debate must be highlighted for the attention of policy-makers.

In the spirit of transparency, all published briefs are now open for public review on this website.