Collaborate with COMMEET to Improve Your Sustainability Performance


The COMMEET Fellowship is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support sustainable regional development. Its mission is to promote the UN SDGs by stimulating Community Empowerment. COMMEET believes that communities all over the world are perfectly capable of determining what their future should look like. Communities are, in the first place, geographical entities, but can also be groups of stakeholders, regional or worldwide, who strive to achieve one or more SDGs.

To help communities achieve their goals, COMMEET is supporting them by providing toolkits (manuals) that are dedicated to solving specific livelihood problems. These toolkits can apply to any of the SDGs and will, to a high degree, be operational, adaptable and easy to apply. For instance, toolkits have been developed to:

  • help integrate migrants in their new region
  • promote a well-targeted form of vocational education

Toolkits are being completed to:

  • fight every form of racism
  • help improve the position of vulnerable women and children
  • combat climate change

Many more toolkits are planned for production in the next couple of years. Toolkits can be found on the COMMEET website and are free to access and use. COMMEET can help with applying them in your own region. To make the toolkits even more useful and applicable, they are continuously looking for examples of promising practices around the world. If you know of successful project activities in your own community, please send a brief description and relevant contact details to COMMEET secretary

COMMEET Toolkits for Communities - Webinar Series
Finally, with the invaluable support of London South Bank University, COMMEET is presenting a series of webinars with respect to upcoming relevant issues. Two of them (on Education for sustainable livelihoods, and on Empowering vulnerable women and children) took place in May 2022 (recordings are available on YouTube).

The RCE community is warmly invited to attend the remaining two webinars; the dates and times (all BST) are:

  • 26 July, 2022, 4pm - 5pm: Climate action
  • 20 September, 2022, 4pm - 5pm: Addressing racism

Registration for these webinars can be completed here.