10th African Regional Meeting

10th African RCE Meeting 2020

1 September & 15 September, 2020, virtual/online

(Photo credit: RCE Minna)

The 10th African RCE Regional Meeting will be held virtually (online), on 1 September and 15 September, 2020 and hosted by RCE Minna under the theme 'Community-Based Resilience during Pandemic Disruption: The Role of African RCEs'. 

Details on the meeting and registration can be found below.








1 September (Stream One) and 15 September, 2020 (Stream Two)


The programme can be accessed here.

Registration is free for all participants. To register, complete the Registration form and submit it to RCE Minna (nsoforgn50@yahoo.com, abdulhusaini@yahoo.com, and akijaff@gmail.com) by 25 August, 2020 for Stream One and 10 September, 2020 (11:59pm WAT) for Stream Two.

Call for Abstracts
The 10th African RCE Regional Meeting, under the theme 'Community-Based Resilience during Pandemic Disruption: The Role of African RCEs' will be held virtually through Zoom. It will include keynote speeches and case study presentations of activities/actions by RCEs towards containing and preventing COVID-19 or its impacts.

The major sub-themes include:

i. Environment and climate change perspectives of COVID-19; lessons for ESD

ii. Preparing for the next pandemic; need for effective early warning system

iii. The value of Traditional knowledge in pandemic management

Should you wish to make presentations on any of the three themes, please indicate as such on the Registration form and submit an abstract to RCE Minna (nsoforgn50@yahoo.com, abdulhusaini@yahoo.com, and akijaff@gmail.com) by 20 August, 2020. All presentations other than keynote addresses should last 5 minutes.

Submitting your project to the RCE Portal
In the case you are presenting your RCE project, please also submit details of your project to the RCE Portal ('Create RCE Project'). Instructions can be found on the RCE Portal page: Create RCE Project. Please make sure you have your login details ready (please contact the Global RCE Service Centre if you have forgotten your username or password). A video tutorial is available to guide you through the process.


  • Thursday, 20 August, 2020: Submission of abstract to apply to present during Stream Two (Note: Only papers that are practical and topical, related to the theme and sub-themes of the conference will be accepted for presentation).
  • Tuesday, 25 August, 2020: Registration for Stream One
  • Thursday, 3 September, 2020: Submission of the final paper to present during Stream Two
  • Thursday, 10 September, 2020 (11:59pm): Registration for Stream Two

Conference Secretariat - please send registration forms and abstracts to the following email addresses: nsoforgn50@yahoo.com, abdulhusaini@yahoo.com, and akijaff@gmail.com.



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You have shown that RCE community can Champion human livelihood challenges. This is specifically as per your resilience to have the meeting in place despite

the unprecedented COVID-19 onslaught.

Best Regards 

Welinga A.Martin 

Organising  Secretary