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Global Call for Climate Action GCCA 6 Month Online Youth Climate Mentoring Program

The GCCA mentoring programme aims to empower you as a young climate leader, within a youth led organisation, to build and grow both your own organization/group/project, and more broadly the climate movement in your region.

The mentoring scheme is a six month programme running from and inclusive of June – November 2014. During this time you will commit to taking part in two 90-minute sessions per month. In these you will participate in GCCA led training based on movement strategy and leadership development, as well as build a relationship with your mentor. We aim to match young people with mentors who are from their region, therefore have specific contextual knowledge. We hope this will also enable you to speak together in your ‘home’ language. However, please note that the GCCA-led training and general communication will happen in English.

Please find below the URL containing application form if you are interested

Best of luck.

Thank you.

Usman Muhammad


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This is really nice posting Mr Usman. Thank you so much for the sharing of such important information
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This is really nice posting Mr Usman. Thank you so much for the sharing of such important information
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This is indeed a positive one. in view of the technological advancement, thank you Usman.
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The story of 2014 YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet will not end without mentioning visit to two RCE schools in Delhi. For us the participants from RCE Minna, it is one among the few activities we will continue to remember from 2014 YUVA Meet.

First, we visited Tagore International College, New Delhi. We were received with warm welcome from the students of the college who ushered us into the prestigious college that boost of fourty (40) years of existence. After the formal welcome by the college principal, we were separated into two (2) groups and the students were directed to take us round the college.

We saw their water harvesting system; a reservoir built to collect rain water which is used in watering the college garden and flowers.
Furthermore, we saw the paper recycling unit of the school. This was an amazing part of the visit for me; waste papers were practically used to produce a new useable paper using less resources and unsophisticated machines. This idea was fascinating and environmentally healthy; I hope to initiate a replica of such idea soon in RCE Minna.

Also, the college has maintained a cool clean and serene atmosphere for effective learning to take place through the planting of flowers that grows to provide the necessary eco friendly environment for their students.
At Sister Nivedita Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya School, New Delhi, the story was not far different from what we saw in Tagore. They have the paper recycling system, the waste tank and an Eco garden which are all maintained by the students.

Furthermore, we visited the India International Science center, were we saw the scientific advancement of the country through the Stone Age down to the technological era.

Finally, I must appreciate the effort of the organizers of this program for their efforts towards bringing youth together to champion the course of environmental sustainability and Education for sustainable development. I hope and pray that I will have another opportunity to be part of this great initiative.
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Good initiative in deed