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JOIN NOW! 8th Global RCE Conference Youth Discussion Group

Welcome to the 2013 Global RCE Conference Youth Discussion Group! Please join in the pre-conference discussions today by sharing your thoughts on the topics you feel most need to be addressed in the group meeting during the Global Conference in Nairobi.

Facilitators: Mario Tabucanon & Jonathan Yee (RCE Saskatchewan)


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Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this group where we propose to focus the discussion on the Youth and Climate Change through Education for Sustainable Development. We suggest the topic of climate as the central for the discussion as it is of a great concept to all of us and has relevance to all spheres of life – livelihood, employment, health, technology, education, housing and transportation, to mention a few. It you want to bring other aspects of youth work from other perspective, we are happy to accommodate it!

The purpose of the pre-discussion group is to share best practices concerning youth and youth projects, to create a road map for the creation of the Global RCE Youth Network, its subsequent action projects on Climate Change, and to set up constructive discussions for the implementation of the road map during the 8th Global RCE Conference Youth and Climate Change Thematic Session.

Furthermore, the said pre-discussion will serve as a means to identify and allow RCE Coordinators and leading RCE Youth to fully participate in aligning common goals, initiatives and action projects; therefore ensuring proper structures and allow local educational curriculum be tailored to maximize the potential of each RCE at a local, national, and/or international level. In addition, participants may deliver presentations and bring forward further discussion topics as it relates to Youth and Climate Change. The objectives of the pre-discussion are the following: •

1) To offer participants of the Youth and Climate Change Thematic Session an engaging and dynamic discussion structure •

2) To create a draft road map for the RCE Global Youth structure and implementation strategies •
3) To provide a voice and an opportunity to advise for those not able to attend the 8th Global RCE Conference

Looking forward to talking and creating - any ideas are welcome!

Zinaida and Jon
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Hi All,

Thank you very much for joining this group! We are very excited to further develop our RCE Youth and help engage and empower them to continue their hard work and commitment to helping society.

I would like to thank those who have responded to the survey that we had sent out earlier and we would like you to post your answers to this group by uploading your documents to this group.

For those RCEs that have not had a chance yet to respond, I would like to kindly ask you to fill out the attached survey and upload them as well. It will greatly help out with our discussions and I hope we can create common goals and direction.

We look forward to a captivating and engaging discussion.

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I am pleased to be a part of this discussion group as we prepare for the conference. Our YOUTH are our future!
"If we teach the youth of today as we taught yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow." (John Dewey)
Looking forward to our YOUTH contributions to this forum and the upcoming conference.
>>>Lyle Benko Co-coordinator RCE Saskatchewan
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As the RCE Global Network continues to grow, youth must be integrated to take a leadership role in building capacity and action. RCE Saskatchewan is currently developing a Youth structure focused on sustainable development for the RCE Global Youth Network. The vision is to create projects that have local, national, and international significance concentrated on an overarching theme of innovation in three main categories: education, research & innovation, and youth public policy. Read more in the attached document.
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Youth are a key part for driving change and one of their key values is the ability to use effectively, information communication technology. As we know, social media is taking off and we believe that continual engagement with youth and sustainable development can help educate others through these means. This in-turn may help RCEs grow and continue to implement projects and programmes. The discussions and a special session on Youth and RCEs will provide evidence of RCE youth projects and programmes that support UN goals, such as the Millennium Development Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Education for All Goals. We will explore the possibility of establishing across-RCEs youth structure that will take the lead on sustainable development youth projects.

1. Can our RCEs collaborate an international project that involves youth and how can RCEs agree on such a project?

2. What is a collaborative and inclusive way to create a cohesive project throughout our Global RCE Network of over 120 RCEs?

3. Can RCEs be used as a tool to provide research and training to our youth regarding sustainable development for specific specialized local needs and issues; and what kind of structure would you recommend about how RCEs share this local training and knowledge to other RCEs and the Public?
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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Youth session at the 8th Global RCE Conference. At the conclusion of the session, we should come up with several action points that we would like to report to the plenary session.
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RCEs provide useful platforms for inspiring the youth to implement their innovative ideas. The story found at the following link is very instructive on the role of the youth in fostering sustainable development.
The story is very inspiring.
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Dear colleagues and friends, this morning I got an invitation to the webinar, Climate Change 2013, Towards Warsaw and beyond: Science, policy and ethics. The webinar is run by Earth Charter International and held today, the 13th of November, at 11am GMT.
For more information follow -
To access the webinar please follow -
Earth Charter International is planning to repeat it this month for America.
Though it is a very late notification, perhaps some of you could join! ZInaida
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From: Haron Oichoe
Dear All,
I believe that youth participation in the RCE conference is vital in which it will necessitate the youth innovative ideas feed to the policy level resolutions and the implementation process. As deliberated we need to share a number of issue with the facilitator for the youth session from the UNU and his co- facilitator from Kenya, so that we engage further prior to the actual session. Its important to get every detail that was discussed on the online platform and at the same time the social media platform so that we incorporate them for conclusive discussions during the session.
Again i want to share with you that during the session not all the youth will attend this session because we would like them to participate on the other parallel sessions so that they can give their input. Prior this sessions the young people will be meeting in the evening at our own time to engage hence ensure we have individual roles to play until the end of the conference.
Lastly, we are requesting to have a youth report that will be shared across different networks across the globe so that the RCE agenda can be shared as we move to the end of ESD 2014.
Best Regards, Hope to see you at the conference.
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I am looking forward to our RCE SASKATCHEWAN YOUTH Coordinator (Jon Yee) sharing much of the work we have been doing together. There are many fine examples of research being done by our YOUTH. I am hoping there are many concrete ACTION plans that come from this session.