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Preparation for the Nairobi conference

To prepare for the discussion in the SCP workshop during the conference please read the project proposal. It could also be beneficial to the project and the discussion in the workshop if you could consult stakeholders in your region.


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Friends, This is Abdhesh Gangwar, RCE Srinagar, India. I would like to draw your kind attention to Hand Print concept that CEE has developed, details available on
Hand Print concept developed by CEE has been picked up by many countries, institutions and used in many ways. Promoting hand print CEE has been doing world's largest 'climate change and sustainability education' programme addressing to 200,000 schools reaching out to 20 million people helping them reduce their footprint and increasing their handprint, details available on
Best wishes to the SCP Group for the Nairobi Meet
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I am Niels Larsen, Chairma of RCE Denmark. I discussed the Vocational project with Jos Herman here in Nairobi this week. In RCE-Denmark we have already discussed the need of focusing of youngsters not attending the academic way for education and also keep the Young generation in the countryside in countries like Kenya. It seems the project you have done suggesting a project in Kenya and other Places with references to Vocational school and Young people is quite the project we are looking fore.
Lets keep in contact and find ways of qualifying the project paper more. Make factfinding, and Funding for this kind of project. We have good relation to Kagamega Counties and the MMUST University there and vocational training centres and not at least community Groups for informal vocational training as well.

All the best from
Niels Larsen

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Dear friends, thank you for the great discussion in Nairobi! We look forward to seeing the documented results of the conversations!
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Dear Colleagues,

I am Detlev Lindau-Bank from RCE Oldenburger Münsterland, a rural agrarindustrial area in the northern part of Germany. Our RCE attend to apply for an Leonardo-Project in 2014. Perhaps you are interested in our project description. For that I attached it. Best wishes Detlev