RCE Denmark-2011

1. General Information
Contact Name(s): 
Poul Kristensen
Organizational Affiliation : 
Teachers College Fyn, University College Lillebælt
Role in the project: 
Leader of the project
E-Mail Address(es): 
Project-relevant information: 
www.ucl.dk (in development)
Article in the journal MONA (in development)
Inspirational booklet for educators and others (in development)
2. Project Information
1. Project title: 
Promoting innovation and creativity in primary school education through focus on ESD in teacher training
2. Project Description: 
In this project teacher trainees explore the field of practice (in primary school). This is done by teacher trainee participation in ESD projects and by examining and evaluating the effects of the education/teaching with regards to student learning.
As such the project is a part of the teacher training. It is a requirement that they work with research and development in the area of teacher training and, additionally, development of pupil competences for innovation.

The idea is that the teacher trainees through their own development of pratices qualify the teacher training and supply primary school teachers with new ideas for how to educate for sustainable development.

Through their projects the teacher trainees should gather evidence in the form of observations and interviews with the pupils in order to examine which factors promote innovation and creativity in connection with sustainable development.
3. Project Status: 
4. Key Words
Innovation, sustainability, teacher trainee practices
5. Project categories
Project categories: 
6. Expected outcomes:: 
Results from the project will be applicable in teacher training, especially in connection with internship. It will function as an exemplary example of how teacher trainees can carry out education programme development as a part of their education.
The project will furthermore be able to function as an example of how primary school pupils can work innovatively with ESD with the local society as a point of departure.
7. Duration of the Project:: 
1. 8. 2010 – 30. 6. 2011
3. Project Leadership & Vision
8. Project coordination (e.g. teams): 
9. Leadership structure
a. Administration: 
b. Transactional: 
c. Transformational: 
4. Project results
10. Project results : 
What are the current results of the project in terms of Outcomes:
Descriptions of the experiences acquired by the teacher trainees during their internships with regards to working with innovative forms of teaching in connection with ESD.
Among others descriptions and analyses of student reactions and attitudes
11. Contribution to reforms and innovations: 
The project results will provide inspiration for working with innovation and ESD in teacher training and in primary schools where ESD must be considered a necessary and natural part of education.
12. Unexpected / unplanned results: 
It turned out to be a challenge to get teacher trainees to join the project.
Many and at times conflicting requirements made it difficult for the teacher trainees.
13.Core Partners: 
University College Lillebælt (Teacher training college Fyn & CFU Vejle), Sct. Hans school Odense, Provstegårds school Odense, Department of Education (DPU) Aarhus University
5. Partnership and networking
14. Project Network
a. Information network: 
b. Knowledge network: 
c. Innovation network: 
6. Participation
15. Type of involvement: 
Collaborations have been carried out between teacher trainees, internship counsellors in primary schools, teacher at teacher training college, employees at CFU, and research assistant from DPU.
16. Participation opportunities
a. Informational participation: 
b. Consultation participation: 
c. Decision influencing participation : 
7. Education & Learning
17. Educational activities: 
Seminar about innovative forms of teaching/education and ESD.
Guidance of teacher trainees before and during their internships.
18. Learning activities: 
Through guidance and discussions with the teacher trainees ahead of the internships.
Discussions with the teacher trainees and their intership counsellors about observed teaching/education.
Guiding teacher trainees with regards to their pupil interviews.
19. Educational activities
a. Theory: 
b. Discussion: 
c. Interactive and Multidimensional "action oriented education": 
8. Research Integration
20. Research & Development (R&D): 
Observations of practice (teaching in primary schools)
21. Research partners: 
Research programme for environmental and health education, Departement for Education (DPU), Aarhus University
22. Description of research
a. Disciplinary: 
b. Interdisciplinary: 
c. Transdisciplinary: 
Project Reports
Teacher Education
Research and Development
Transformitive Learning
One More Issue: 
Teacher Education and Better Schools