RCE Denmark-2011

1. General Information
Contact Name(s): 
Organizational Affiliation : 
Københavns Miljø- og Energikontor/Energitjenesten
Role in the project: 
Project manager
E-Mail Address(es): 
Project-relevant information: 
The project will be started in the end of Aug. and end in Sept.
In Sept. There will be a description of the project and an evaluation
2. Project Information
1. Project title: 
Climate, Energy, and Theater in Kløvermarken
2. Project Description: 
The project will give the students a possibility to explore how to work across scientific and artistic disciplines within UBU.
The activities extending into subjects across disciplines like physics/chemistry, social studies, Danish, visual arts and drama. And use a variety of different learning channels and methods for example: tours, experiments, group work, role plays, films, discussions etc.
Allow participants to discover that they have authority to act in a more or less environmental and climate conscious direction.
The activities are practical and action-oriented in relation to how to act in a more environmentally and climate-conscious direction.
The activities allow participants to reflect on the future and the fears that may be associated with thoughts about the future through art and theater.
4. Key Words
Key Words: 
Energy, Climate, Waste
5. Project categories
Project categories: 
Awareness building
6. Expected outcomes:: 
In order to achieve concrete results in relation to evaluation and feedback, we will do the following:
• During the school project, we document the process through photos and video.
• As a final evaluation of the school project, we ask students and teachers complete written evaluation forms.
• In addition, we make an oral evaluation with the participants, as we document on video.
• Subsequently, we will hold a meeting of cooperation between partners, where we pick up on the process.
• There will be after this meeting made an assessment of the school project, with emphasis on both successes and pitfalls in relation to working further with this or similar projects in future. This report and pictures/movies from the project is shared in RCE's network.
7. Duration of the Project:: 
May 2011 to Sept. 2011
4. Project results
13.Core Partners: 
Miljøtjenesten, Naturværkstedet Kløvermarken
6. Participation
15. Type of involvement: 
Charlotte Hansen (Energitjenesten) is responsible for role playing, the tile game, and art exhibition.
Jesper Steenberg (Miljøtjenesten) is responsible for the course about energy supply at Energi- og vandværkstedet.
Lis Valentin (Kløvermarken) is hosting Naturværkstedet Kløvermarken.
8. Research Integration
20. Research & Development (R&D): 
The young people get acquainted with how to use waste as a resource. At Vestforbrænding's course they gain practical knowledge about how a power station works and insights into why it is important to use the resources we have.
• the young people get acquainted with how future multi-energy supply community can look like. On the Energy and Water workshop course they learn about energy, energy storage and various forms of renewable energy.
• the young people get acquainted with why it is important that decisions on climate and environment are made at the international level. Through Klimakaravanens summit role-playing they get to experience being politicians for a day where they must take decisive joint decisions together in spite of very different interests.
• through the tile game the young people find out what they can do in their homes so they do not spend so much energy and lives more eco-friendly.
Project Reports
Climate Change
Higher Education
Transformitive Learning
One More Issue: 
Sustainable Consumption and Production