RCE East Midlands-2010

1. General Information
Contact Name(s): 
Ed Brown
Paul Warwick
Organizational Affiliation : 
Loughborough University
Leicester University
Role in the project: 
Co-Chair Higher Education Working Group
Co-Chair Higher Education Working Group
2. Project Information
1. Project title: 
Higher Education Working Group
2. Project Description: 
The Higher Education working group of the East Midlands RCE brings together representatives from the ten higher education institutions within the East Midlands region. We organize events designed to share good practice in relation to sustainability activities in research, teaching and institutional management. We also encourage members to cooperate in developing research bids and other collaborative activities related to these issues.
3. Project Status: 
4. Key Words
Key Words: 
low carbon economy
5. Project categories
Project categories: 
Awareness building
Influencing policy processes
Networking and partnership development
6. Expected outcomes:: 
We seek to contribute to the continuing cross-sectoral activities of the wider East Midlands RCE by promoting cooperation between different educational sectors (HE, FE, Schools and youth/informal) and the wider East midlands community (local authorities, key regional agencies etc.) around sustainability issues.
In terms of the HE sector itself we aim to encourage the sharing of good practice in relation to curriculum development, estate management, the links between teaching and research and so on. The objective of these activities is to expand the coverage of sustainability issues and the effectiveness of how they are covered throughout the syllabi of participating institutions in the region, to raise the profile of HE as a major contributor to meeting the challenge of developing a low carbon economy and to influence the operating practice of our institutions to adopt more sustainable practices.
7. Duration of the Project:: 
Holding of meetings between the ten regional HEIs
- Holding of or participation within wider conferences and sharing of best practice events
- Submission of joint research and other funding bids
3. Project Leadership & Vision
8. Project coordination (e.g. teams): 
The group is currently chaired by representatives from the Universities of Loughborough and Leicester supported via a loose network of colleagues drawn from these and other institutions.
9. Leadership structure
a. Administration: 
b. Transactional: 
c. Transformational: 
4. Project results
10. Project results : 
This is a long-term project designed to slowly address the objectives outlined above. We continue to make progress in raising the profile of sustainability issues amongst the region's higher education institutions and the wider community.
11. Contribution to reforms and innovations: 
WE have continued to support the University of Leicester's education for Sustainable Development forum and this has led to a new ESD curriculum initiative within this institution.
13.Core Partners: 
Loughborough UNiversity, Leicester University
5. Partnership and networking
14. Project Network
a. Information network: 
b. Knowledge network: 
c. Innovation network: 
6. Participation
15. Type of involvement: 
Periodic meetings of the working group, involvement in other meetings organized by the group and regular email communication.
16. Participation opportunities
a. Informational participation: 
b. Consultation participation: 
c. Decision influencing participation : 
7. Education & Learning
17. Educational activities: 
Sharing of best practice through conference and workshop based events
18. Learning activities: 
The project's major goal is to improve the competence of our member institutions in relation to sustainability issues
19. Educational activities
a. Theory: 
b. Discussion: 
c. Interactive and Multidimensional "action oriented education": 
8. Research Integration
20. Research & Development (R&D): 
We are in the process of formulating bids and are currently waiting on the outcome of several large scale regional collaborations. We will report on these projects next year of they are successfully funded.
Project Reports
SCP,Livelihood and Well-being
Higher Education
Sustainable Consumption and Production
One More Issue: 
Higher Education
United Kingdom