Climate Change

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Effects of Climate Change: The Case with Africa

Dear All,

Climate change threatens to disrupt the weakest economies and disadvantage the poorest people in developing countries, African continent is the least emitter of green house gas but yet, the continent is the worst affected by climate change.

In today’s modern world, Africa is reeling from climate change. Floods, famine, drought, food shortages are buffeting the vulnerable continent which lacks the resources to protect itself. This affects largely its effort to manage sea flow, lakes and open aquifers.

In the absence of concerted global actions on climate change, the IPCC estimates that the sea level could rise by one meter over the next century. Large African cities will be submerged under rising sea levels; more than 40% of wildlife habitats could disappear. Up to 70million people could be at risk from rising sea level in Africa, this affect Africa’s poorest. Up to 30% of Africa’s coast could disappear as sea level rise from between 15cm to 95cm in the next 100 years.

Important cities such as Cape Town and Maputo are at risk. For example, if sea level were to rise by one metre, part of Lagos, the economic nerve and epicenter of businesses in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria would be submerged. The number of people at risk in Africa from coastal flooding will rise from one million in 1990 to 70 million by 2080, (IPCC 2011) this will lead to an increased in the loss of species and degradation of key ecosystems such as coral reefs, which play a critical role in the economy of most African countries, a displacement of millions of people, and potential flow of environmental refugees, sequel to all these problems, how are we going to adapt.

We must engage in research on climate change adaptation and mitigation beyond Africa’s borders, at the same time work towards working with policy makers to come up with strategic political policy processes on climate change action in the region before things get out of hands.

Conducting research, sharing of knowledge on climate policy options would be targeted to improve adaptation and mitigation, that would equip us to improvise and contribute our own quota towards derisking future climate chaos, face challenges of the 21st Century.

Thank you.




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Excellent Mr. Usman. It is very prudent for having brought such a topic into discussion. Climate change is something that is not well understood by a large fraction in Africa. It calls for every learned individual to take efforts and spread the facts about #ClimateChange coz for sure it's real and we shouldnt wait until the effects are vividly noticed by everyone that's when we think of acting.
Thank you.

Hamisi Mkuzi for RCE-Greater Pwani
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Hello Usman, nice call for action there. I just want you to know I share the same views with you on this and really do think its time to move from literature to concrete action in the field. Keep it up, Masango.
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Dear Masango. I second that. It is time for participatory learning, people need to be fully engaged in any learning process. this the only way forward towards achieving our goals on sustainability. Hamisi Mkuzi for RCE-Greater Pwani
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Climate change is the peril of our time and risks the whole humanity, if we delay taking action, who knows we might not see tomorrow. Just a thought...
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Well said Victor! We need to take action before it is too late. The youth should be at the lead in advocating for such. Thank you. Hamisi for RCE-Greater Pwani
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Dear Masango and Victor,

Time has already been wasted, taking action is indeed desirable and urgently needed, climate change has remain the greatest threat to humanity. Thank you all for your comments
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Dear Usman, there is still hope even though lots of time has been wasted!All we need is to sit down and conceptualize an action plan. More so, we should take action rather than verbal action which won't bring a desirable change. Regards!