First Meeting of Partner Networks of GAP

The first Meeting of the Partner Networks of the Global Action Programme on ESD took place on the 27 May. Nearly 100 participants representing almost 80 organisations committed to the GAP on ESD participated in the event.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting has been initial consolidation of actions within Partner Networks under each of the five priority areas of GAP. The Partners Networks, members of which have been selected on the bases of their submitted GAP commitments (, impact potential and innovative character of their initiatives, are to carry their commitment activities to the GAP while coordinating them with others for synergistic effect. You can find the list of the initial members of the Partners Networks and the results of their discussions in the attached files. Many members of the RCE community have become representatives of Partners in various Networks. We encourage them to take a lead in informing us all about developments in their groups!

UNESCO has nominated Focal points designated in the ESD team for each Network with promise of logistics support for annual meeting and review forums and other online exchanges.