Issue #42: End of Year 2014

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Issue 42: End of Year 2014

Message from the Global RCE Service Centre:


Dear colleagues and friends,

2014 has indeed been a very exciting year for all of us! The DESD has come to an end and we celebrated it in style during our back-to-back events in November together with UNESCO. And here we are now, looking ahead to a year full of exciting opportunities and challenges.

Still young as a network, the time has now come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, to carry on that noble idea of preserving nature, helping others in need and do our part to ensure a sustainable future for all of us.

Everyone in this network is part of it because they do not prefer leisure over work, but instead are doers and makers of things, who initiate and make it possible. So our journey continues after ten good years. We cannot be less productive, our minds less inventive. Our ideas, projects and collaborations are what are still needed, as is our capacity as a network.

Our community is shaped by every language and culture drawn from every corner of the earth, and although our challenges ahead may be new, we will find the tools to meet them. Guided by principles of open communication, fair play, sharing of ideas and support, and even greater cooperation and understanding towards each other’s needs, we will forge new friendships and deepen old ones during the coming decade.

In this spirit the RCE Global Service Centre would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On a lighter note, please feel free to browse through the latest photos we have uploaded on the RCE Portal from the RCE Global Conference. You will also find additional albums of RCE’s that have kindly provided us with pictures of their latest events. All photos have also been uploaded on the RCE Portal under Events and Latest News.

You can access the RCE Global Conference album here.

The RCE Saskatchewan’s album on their Recognition Events is here.

Best wishes,

The Global RCE Service Centre

This is a publication of UNU-IAS RCE Global Service Centre.

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