Japanese RCE Meeting, 16 March, Sendai, Japan

The Japanese RCE Meeting was held in Sendai, Japan on 16 March 2015 hosted by RCE Greater Sendai. All six Japanese RCEs (RCE Greater Sendai, RCE Yokohama, RCE Chubu, RCE Hyogo-Kobe, RCE Okayama and RCE Kitakyushu) came together and reported activities implemented in 2014. Below are the major activities of each RCE.


RCE Greater Sendai is taking part in the ESD Consortium that covers the area of Tohoku, the northern part of Japan, and promotes ESD in wider areas by working with UNESCO Associated Schools, universities, school committees, NGOs and other. RCE Yokohama is offering environment education for elementary and middle school students and they also organized a youth competition in Yokohama city on environmental activities.  RCE Chubu promotes ESD mainly through ESD-seminars for the region. RCE Okayama is developing an “Okayama ESD Project Master Plan 2015-2019” by involving the citizens of Okayama-city, and RCE Kitakyushu had developed a “Kyushu Declaration on RCEs and ESD beyond 2014”. RCE Hyogo-Kobe is currently focusing on higher education by offering ESD courses at Kobe University for both undergraduate and graduate school students.

The Japanese RCE network also discussed how they can promote ESD beyond 2014 after the series of ESD-related events in Okayama and Nagoya last year. In order to look for a possibility of collaboration among RCEs, they are now exchanging each other’s work plan for 2015.