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JOIN NOW! the 9th Global RCE Conference Teacher Education Discussion Group

RCEs are involved in promoting integration of principles, values and practices of sustainable development into teacher education programmes. Such integration requires quality teacher education that entails equipping teachers with key competences in life skills. This requires making citizenship education an integral part of ESD. During the 8th Global RCE Conference in Nairobi, participants deliberated questions on ‘who is a teacher’ and ‘how to become a teacher’ to provide useful insights into ways of improving teacher education and schooling. It emerged that some RCEs are improving teacher education through capacity development and research programs. Other RCEs are incorporating global and cross-cultural perspectives into teacher education through student exchanges across RCEs. Addressing issues related to indigenous people in the curriculum as well as improving science education can help improve quality of learning in schools. In a nut shell, the Global RCE network has made useful contributions to a reorientation of teacher education and school systems towards sustainable development.

As a build up to the 9th Global RCE Conference in Okayama this November you are encouraged to contribute to the implementation of the following action points that emerged from the Nairobi discussion:

• Collect and document stories of successful positive change in RCEs.
• Share teacher training manuals and materials through the Portal.
• Develop, collect and share on-line materials and e-learning modules on teacher education.

As we near the end of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD), you are also invited to:

• Reflect on RCE achievements and challenges in enhancing the capacity of teacher educators to facilitate ESD processes in schools and beyond.
• Reflect on the individual and collective role of the Global RCE network in furthering ESD agenda beyond 2014 with reference to UNESCO’s proposal for a Global Action Programme (UNESCO, 2013) on ESD
• Deliberate RCE possibilities for scale up actions on strengthening the capacity of educators to facilitate learning for sustainable development beyond 2014.

Your reflections and deliberations will inform discussions at the 9th Global RCE Conference in Okayama.


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I am looking forward to meeting our many Global RCE colleagues at this very unique conference in Japan, as well as the preparation for the many significant ideas and presentations to come prior to the actual meetings in person. Lyle Benko (co-coordinator) RCE Saskatchewan
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Lyle, good to know that you will coming to the Global RCE Conference. I look forward to meeting you personally.
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We have just conducted a VMG, Strategic and Action Plan Workshop for Bohol Island State University (BISU) as a member of RCE-Bohol on Feb 17-18, 2014. Through the activity, we were able to clearly identify the context of BISU as a member of the RCE-Bohol Network.

Our next plan is to conduct a seminar-workshop on the integration of SD to the curriculum with instructors and professors of the tertiary learning institution members of RCE-Bohol as participants. May we be provided with resources or links through e-mail that we could add as documents to the seminar kit that we will be distributing to the participants. Maybe, literatures in successful SD implementation to the curriculum of other RCEs can help for further reference and information to our participants.
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Bernabe, RCE Bohol is doing good work. Consider sharing a 1-2 page summary on the strategic and action plan workshop as news for this month's RCE Bulletin. You can then include your request for resources so that more RCEs can access it. Send the summary to the Global RCE Service Centre by 19 May if possible. Best wishes.
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I am impressed with the discussions going on on the achievements of world RCEs. I am working on the summaries of RCE Greater Mairobi on the Ngong Dum Site project on recycling and Jamhuri project with learners and teachers. We have scheduled a capacity building training on ESD for primary and secondary teachers from our pilot schools for the project next week 1st and 2nd of July whose reports will also be uploaded.

Mary RCE Greater Nairobi
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Thanks a lot for the advice. We'll do as you suggest sir.
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I look forward to to this event. I hope to meet my fellow RCE members and youths. This will be an opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other. I also expect to meet my fellow RCE members from Okayama in order to have a well balanced intellectual youth gathering.
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Hello Atiti and Colleagues,

A first inventory question regarding Teacher Education; are there also other RCEs that already have a training program or alike for teachers? As you might know at the RCE Rhine-Meuse we train teachers from primary up to middle education in ESD in order to enable them to better manage the whole school approach to ESD-based education.

very best greetings,

Jos Eussen
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Hello Jos. Great to hear from you. Yes we have other RCEs that are involved in teacher training programs. RCE Denmark has implemnted a project on promoting innovation and creativity in primary school education through focus on ESD in teacher training. RCE London has an ongoing project on 'The London ESD Teacher Education(TE) Network'.

The that you are doing at Rhine-Meuse in promoting 'whole-school' approaches sounds very exciting. Regards.