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JOIN NOW! RCE Youth Network Discussions at the 9th Global RCE Conference

Dear RCE Youth,

Back in February the 5th, 2014 at the TERI University campus in Delhi, RCE Youth representatives across the entire continent gather to continue deliberations to set a direction for the Global RCE Youth Network. During the RCE Youth Session in Delhi, discussions were held and necessary contributions were made which invariably gave the Network a strategic direction.

At this juncture, we would like to hear your feedback before the 9th Global RCE Conference on:

1. In what ways do you think RCE Youth Network could be strengthens?
2. What are the roles RCE Youth Network tend to play beyond 2014?
3. Where and How RCE Youth Network will enhance collaborations among youth
4. How does the Network engage youth in climate change awareness campaigns and capacity building for youth?
5. In what aspect the Youth Network develop projects and programs on Education for Sustainable Development beyond 2014?
6. How will RCE Youth Network contribute to implementing the Global Action Plan on ESD?

Please share with us.

Thank you,



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Greetings Usman! Let me first congratulate you on your efforts and strong ambition for supporting the youth. The conferences we had back in Delhi were a good platform to voice one's voice especially for the youth. As it has always been, charity begins at home and so should we as RCEs. I would say, the best thing is to network amongest ourselves and try as much as possible to bring other people on board. For me, information exchange is a vital component in development process. This the little I could share. Will be happy to hear other members' contribution. Thank you. HAMISI MKUZI for RCE-GREATER PWANI (Kenya)
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Dear Mr Usman,

Hamisi said right, we need start at home. Each RCE gas to seriously start building up list of positive support: of school/ college managements, student bodies, 'clubs' /associations like Eco-clubs, literary bodies; public assocations; residents' assocaitons, volunteers, regd NGOs, SHGs where they work in fields of agriculture related actvities; Not all those Heads of these institutions will be ready to support, or join the RCE efforts. It is such time we need rope in the good will of some senior administrative officers, 'VIPs' like legislators etc. These persons wield a lot of power, as we can see across India. if they can be roped in to give the RCE efforts a push, a lot of things will fall into order; the ball will start rolling.
This is indeed a tall order on the RCE members. But we have little to choose.
Wakro, a small town in Lohit dist, at the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, has begun a small initiative "Care A tree campaign' with the support of DFO Wildlife on June 5. Efforts are on to locate volunteers who will consent to care a tree at least for 3 years. Our target now is on senior school students.

Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor
Coordinator, Lohit Youth Libraries
& Co-Convenor RCE East Arunachal