RCE Saskatchewan-2014

1. Project Title: 
RCE K-12 Education Website (www.rceed.ca)
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
3. Project partner contact information : 
Regina Catholic School Division 2160 Cameron Street Regina, Canada S4T 2V6
Lead organizing partner
Main Contact: 
Mr. Lee Garinger, Vice Principal (l.garinger@rcsd.ca) & Mr. Arkin Kauf, Teacher (a.kauf@rcsd.ca)
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

Educators are living in time where we need to conduct a revolution. Sustainability Education provides the platform to allow our students to create, innovate, and lead activities that make a meaningful impact in our communities. We believe teachers and students are ready to move towards making a tremendous revolution by moving beyond the classroom to shift thinking and attitudes in the areas of culture, economics, environment, and society.

The Edsite that has been designed (www.rceed.ca) provides a platform for ESD projects in K-12 education to connect, share ideas, and work together to address sustainability problems. Web 3.0 provides the opportunity for us to work over the internet to achieve these goals like never before. Teachers and students can facilitate projects locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally through our site. Specific projects developed by the Regina Catholic Schools, such as the Oil Recycling Project, have been profiled on the site. Welcome to the RCE Saskatchewan K-12 ESD website and thank you for changing our world for the better!

6. Project status
On Going
The site is completed in terms of being available for members of the public to use. The site is ongoing and constantly being updated and developed.
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