Europe Regional Conference 2017

RCE Meeting

8 - 9 September 2017, Dortmund, Germany

Photo: Daniel Mennerich

The European Regional Conference 2017 was held back to back with the Conference FAIR FRIENDS, a trade fair for Sustainable Lifestyles, Fair Trade and Social Responsibility, in Dortmund from 8-9 September, 2017. 

RCE Denmark (David Rangan; Lars Myrthu-Nielsen), RCE Ruhr (Peter Reichenbach) and RCE Oldenburger Münsterland (Detlev Lindau-Bank) carried out the programme


Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH, Strobelallee 45, 44139 Dortmund


  • Community building
  • Discussing the actions of European RCEs regarding GAP and SDG´s European wide
  • Continuing the discussion of the topics raised during the European RCE meeting held in London June 2016
  • Sharing the work of European RCEs and learning from each other
  • Developing joint projects and beginning to plan possible collaborative activities
  • Seeking a funding strategy
  • Networking with like-minded colleagues


  • A report of the meeting
  • Publication as a joint activity of European RCEs
  • Contribution to fair&friends (Market place of RCEs in Europe)

The detailed agenda for the meeting can be found here.


Additional Documents

Minutes here

Programme here

General information and invitation by RCE Ruhr and RCE Oldenburg Muensterland here

Session Timetable for Fair & Friends here

Information on Speaker Manitonquat here