RCE Lagos Organizes Symposium on ESD in the Future of Youths

RCE Lagos Organizes Symposium on ESD in the Future of Youths

Youth in the region of Lagos are still not sufficiently aware on sustainability issues. RCE Lagos is organizing the event “The place of ESD in the Future of Youths in the Region” on July 26, 2017 at the Presbyterian Church Hall in Yaba Lagos*.

The one-day event will inform Youth on environment, fauna and flora, resources and development, and other issues of sustainability in a more comprehensive way. Up to 50 Youth organizations in the region have been targeted, each to be represented by three participants to attend the event. The young participants will help model interactions and allow for a friendly co-existence of humans and their environment, through different sessions at the event. Each participant will be expected to draft recommendations that will be reviewed.

Tentative Programme

Career Talk - to enhance future role performance

Climate Change - Lagos environment

The Concept of Education for Sustainable Development 

For more information on this event, please contact Okorie Uka Okoro, RCE Coordinator at regionalexpertunu@yahoo.com


*Event date and location may be subject to change.