RCE Youth Virtual Conference: Migration Adversity and ESD’s Role

Held on 30 April, 2018, the Global RCE Youth Network in collaboration with RCE Kano, RCE London, and RCE Penang, in partnership with the Centre for Global Sustainability Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia brought together European, African and Asian RCEs virtually for the 1st Europe-Africa-Asia RCE Youth Virtual Conference.

The theme of the conference was ‘South-North Migration Adversity and ESD’s Role’, enabling discussions to take place on how to address the challenges of youth unemployment, climate change, TVET, entrepreneurship and political situations that trigger mass migration across continents. Discussion exposed the negative impacts of mass migration to nations affected in Africa, Europe and Asia, the opportunities yet untapped in Africa and Asia, and the problems associated with entering Europe illegally.  

The virtual conference was able to use ESD as an instrument of change and sensitised participants on the hazards, vulnerability and risks associated when there is a lack of managing unemployment, illegal migration and the opportunities yet untapped. The conference also created synergy in dealing with common sustainability problems between Africa, Asia and Europe.