RCE Borderlands Mexico-USA-2018

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PUBLISHED 4: RN Charisse S. Yenko. Community Health in Salinas, California USA; Human Wellbeing & DRR actions in Cebu Philippines
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Charisse S. Yenko & Wanda Sepúlveda
Their work includes Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Medical Intervention, Care of Vulnerable and At-Risk Children, Sustainable Agriculture, School Safety, Shelters and Assistance for Farm Workers and Vulnerable Populations
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Charisse S. Yenko
Charisse S. Yenko
RCE BMU Stakeholders involved in a broad range of SD and health-related activities
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Wanda Sepúlveda
Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación Inc. Collaborator working in Cebu Philippines
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Charisse S. Yenko- Collaborator and observer in multiple health, nutrition, wellbeing and sustainable agriculture projects in Salinas, California USA

The projects in the Salinas area include ALBA Organics Farmer Education Program on sustainable agriculture and business; Safe Ag, Safe Schools- which advocates for pesticide-free school zones; Emergency Room interventions for at-risk populations at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital; Dorothy’s Place- which provides meals for farm workers and others; and professional care for special needs children- addressing gender equality as it relates to the needs of women and children.

Mrs. Wanda Sepúlveda

In collaboration with her mother- Mrs. Wanda Sepúlveda, Charisse and community membres in Cebu, Philippines run a Co-op which provides a broad range of goods and services in order to enhance the lives and improve the wellbeing of people in the area.

In addition, Yenko-Sepúlveda family members have been key actors in disaster intervention and emergency services in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. In the post-disaster period, they have acted alongside their community in projects designed to facilitate sustainable reconstruction in the affected area. Among other concerns, the family and community have seen to the creation of storm resistant livestock shelters and human dwellings.

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