RCE Central Semenanjung-2016

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[Sustainable Living] Waste Free for My School (2016)
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Development Environment
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Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Empat (1)
Target school in this project
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Zalina Mahmood
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Zalina Mahmood
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Muhamad Khairul Anuar Bin Senin
Muhamad Khairul Anuar Bin Senin
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Though the school is situated in Kuala Lumpur area, less attention or information gained by the students especially on environmental issue. This has been captured when and NGO, RCOMM Lestari had an awareness session among the school children, teachers and even the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) last year. Feedback from the school was overwhelming where issue highlighted among them were lack of exposure, understanding and activates related to environment. Further, they also expressed, it will be good to have program or activity that they can implement and participate and better still if they can start to sustain their own income.



1. To inculcate environmental awareness among primary school children

2. To guide school children in 3R waste activities

3. To facilitate in producing compost from their waste

4. To facilitate in producing organic herbs for school education purpose


Knowledge transferred:

This project have three phase: 1) Forming a team: for Planning 2) Information dissemination: for Doing 3) Monitoring the project: for Checking


Impact of project:

1. Improve the school and parents knowledge in environment especially in waste related activity.

2. School will be able to manage their waste efficiently.

3. The student and school together with PTA could work together in creating an income for school form waste.

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On Going
The project is still on going.
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