RCE Chandigarh-2015

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Status of water Resource in Punjab
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Status & quality of Water Resource
3. Project partner contact information : 
Punjab Environment Information System Centre, Ministry of Environment, Forests, Climate Change, Goverment of India
DatacCollection & compilation
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Dr. Neelima Jerath
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5. Project description
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The collection, compilation and publication of the article titled “Water Resource of Punjab” discusses the status and quality of water resource in Punjab. It is hoped that within the state, more studies may be taken up to address the emerging issues related to water and also various organizations engaged in water management take more remedial actions to protect the resource by taking up problem specific and area specific programmes.

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6. Project status
Over exploitation of the resource and discharge of untreated municipal and industrial effluents in
rivers, canals and drainage system have created multiple environmental problems and social
challenges. It has further, posed a threat to degrade the quality of soil and reduce crop yields and also deteriorating the quality of both surface and ground water.The present article reinstate the endeavors for creating awareness and capacity building for conservation of water resource within the region.
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