RCE Chandigarh-2015

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Documenting & Propagating Information on Vulture: An Endagered Bird
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Punjab Environment Information System Centre, Ministry of Environment, Forests, Climate Change, Goverment of India
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Dr. Neelima Jerath
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Collect, collate, document and disseminate the knowledge/information about Vultures & motivate public to get involved in conservation, restoration and protection of vultures and their natural habitats.

The team visited visited Jatayu Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre, Pinjore,Haryana, India set up by Haryana Forest Department and Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) to get an overview of the activities carried out at Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre. An interactive session with Dr. Vibhu Prakash (Principal Scientist, BNHS), Dr. Nimita (Scientist, BNHS), and other Research Scientists of the Centre was held to understand the important aspects of Vulture Conservation programme. 281 birds of three prominent vulture species White backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis ), Long billed vulture (Gyps indicus) & Slender billed vulture(Gyps tenuirostris) are being bred in captivity to enhance the vulture population in the surrounding areas. The Centre has 6 Aviaries, laboratory, veterinary care facility, incubator, brooder room and CCTV cameras for taking care of vultures. The visit to facility provided a first hand Information/data compilation of information on Vulture

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6. Project status
The present project involved a special research on vulture, the magnificent bird, which not only
fulfils a vital function in our ecosystem, but also a part of our culture. The field visit to Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre and the interactive sessions with experts were held to compile information on vulture. The prepared article covers geographical range, phenotypic features, habits, ecological & cultural significance,present status & threats and initiatives being taken up for conservation of vultures throughout the world especially in India with reference to punjab also..
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