RCE Delhi Invites Submissions for 'GREEN Olympiad Online Examination 2021'

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) invites you to participate in the prestigious environment examination, 'GREEN Olympiad' – India’s premier annual school initiative being organised since 1999. The examination serves a dual purpose of testing the environment quotient of students and enhancing their understanding about issues related to sustainable development. 'GREEN Olympiad' is open for students of Std. 4 to 12, and is divided into 4 levels (Std. 4-5; Std. 6-8; Std. 9-10; and Std. 11-12).

Due to an uncertainty imposed by COVID-19, students can appear online for GREEN Olympiad. The importance of Olympiads is articulated in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, as a medium to minimise rote learning and encourage a holistic development around 21st-century skills. GREEN Olympiad is the premier Olympiad on the environment in India and draws its linkages to 'Goal 4 - Target 7' (SDG 4.7). This year, GREEN Olympiad is being launched with a new feature - the examination will cover two issues of topical interest: (i) Environment and Sustainable Development and (ii) Green Skills + Environment and Sustainable Development.

All participants will receive certificates based on their performance. The last date for registration is 30 September, 2021.

Registration can be made online through the project website.

Further details: Watch the registration tutorial - TERI's Green Olympiad 2021 or view the event poster.

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