RCE East Arunachal Pradesh holds a two day seminar on Traditional Health Practices

A two day seminar on strengthening community health by integrating traditional health care practices was organized from 30-31 Jan 2016 in Roing, India by RCE East Arunachal Pradesh. This was attended by eminent experts in the field of traditional knowledge and natural resources; and the various RCE partners including universities and research institutes. A large number of youth from various secondary schools also actively participated in the seminar. Major resolutions were: to create a complete database of existing medicinal resources and associated knowledge in the region; identification of community health practitioners and networking; developing collaboration with universities for guiding a research and evidence based approach for identification and promotion of good practices; promotion of school, community and home herbal gardens and capacity building; integrating good practices through existing primary health centres; strengthening the supply chain and developing a community based enterprises; establishing strong linkages with the health and forest departments in the state; developing access and benefit sharing (ABS) mechanisms; as well as establishing a resource centre and living museum led by the RCE at the RIWATCH campus (the secretariat of the RCE).