RCE Greater Dhaka Organises National Seminar on Food Security and Ecosystem Management during COVID-19

The IUBAT Institute of SDG Studies (IISS) and RCE Greater Dhaka organised a National Seminar on Food Security and Ecosystem Management in COVID-19, held on 19 November, 2020. During the seminar, guests discussed in detail the management of food security during the pandemic and that in order to sustain Bangladesh’s success in agriculture, action plans need to be drawn to meet the food and nutrition needs of the growing population. As an agriculture-based nation, Bangladesh has still experienced food shortages during the pandemic, highlighting the need to strengthen coordination between farming and other social, economic, and environmental aspects. Sustainable agriculture needs to be planned and implemented in such a way that it is resource-efficient, socially conducive, commercially competitive, and environmentally friendly. The seminar brought together policymakers responsible for integrating ecosystem management and effective ecosystem governance, and academia, to address the social aspects of the ecosystem connections to food security by strengthening local organisations and gender equality.