RCE Greater Portland-2015

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GPSEN Youth Network
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Muslim Education Trust
Coordinating Organization
Main Contact: 
Ibrahim Ibrahim
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5. Project description
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The growing youth network of RCE Greater Portland has identified several core goals.

1) To create a network of high school students to empower and mobilize youth to help create a sustainable future in the greater Portland region and beyond.

2) To create meaningful projects and programs founded by high school students that address real needs in their communities.

3) To maintain projects and programs founded by high school students that can be maintained after students graduate, so they can be sustainable and leave an ongoing imprint on Portland

4) To mentor incoming cohorts of youth to carry on projects and participate in the Youth Network

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6. Project status
In Planning
It has been great fun to see the power and passion of the youth in our network, identifying their goals and plan their first meeting.
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