RCE Greater Portland-2016

1. Project Title: 
EcoChallenge 2016
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
3. Project partner contact information : 
Northwest Earth Institute
Coordinating Organization
Main Contact: 
David Macek
Rob Nathan
Northwest Earth Institute
Alternative project contact: 
Kim Smith
RCE Greater Portland
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5. Project description
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This annual community event, created by the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI), allows teams of participants from neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and beyond, to take on a challenge(s) to change a behavior for two weeks. The EcoChallenge is open to anyone. Whether at work or on campus, with friends or family, NWEI encourages developing camaraderie and friendly peer pressure to make change a little easier, and a lot more fun. A great team-building and personal experience, the EcoChallenge makes a real difference in our own lives and the community. 

The regional challenges that this project addresses focuses on environmental issues and actions that we can take in our homes, workplaces and communities. NWEI allows us to choose an EcoChallenge category that appeals to us, including: Water; Energy; Food; Transportation; Trash Reduction; Civic Engagement; Connecting with Earth; Advocacy, etc. Using social psychological theories, they have found that participating in the EcoChallenges is a great way to inspire behavior change. 

The teams are on-line, so people can join from across the region and around the world. This fun and meaningful opportunity helps people learn something new. Plus, teams and individuals can compete with each other and win prizes! Many of our RCE partners create teams and use this as an annual event to build relationships and make a difference. 

More details are available at https://ecochallenge.org/.

6. Project status
The 2016 EcoChallenge took place this year, from October 14-28, 2016, with over 8,350 participants, from 40 countries.

We have had an RCE Greater Portland EcoChallenge team for four years, even before we were officially recognized as an RCE. This year, our official RCE Greater Portland team had 20 members, in addition to partner teams across our region. Of the 450 teams, 23 formal and nonformal partners participated, with a range of team members.

Catlin Gabel School (18)
City of Lake Oswego (42)
City of Portland (50)
Clackamas County (18)
Clark County (25)
Create Plenty (1)
Earth Advantage (14)
Intertwine Alliance (6)
Marylhurst University (46)
Metro (47)
Mt Hood Community College (263)
Multnomah County (4 teams -50 participants)
Northwest Earth Institute Community Team (521)
Oregon Zoo (89)
Port of Portland (74)
Portland Community College (4 teams- 161 participants)
Portland Public Schools (21)
Portland State University (24)
Republic Services (12)
University of Portland (25)
US Fish and Wildlife (34)
Washington County (43)
Washington State University Vancouver (20)

It was a great success and we look forward to doing the EcoChallenge again next year.
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