RCE Hohhot-2015

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The Integration of the Education for Sustainable Development in Inner Mongolia and In-service Teacher Training
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project partner
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Xie Peihong, phxie@shangrilainstitute.org
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5. Project description
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To strengthen the cooperation with the international and domestic research institutes, engaging in educational management of sustainable development; to promote the relationship between formal and informal education; to promote the connections of the higher education, secondary education and basic education.

To improve the quality of education for sustainable development, the centre took cooperation with the education and administrative department in Inner Mongolia Region, which is the most important and urgent problem in this district.

Focus on the implementing “trainer's training project”: The professional key regional center will train trainers of training the education for sustainable development for teachers, leaders, enterprise managers, community and other social sectors, and develop learning materials and methods for training trainers.

6. Project status
The program “The Integration of Education for Sustainable Development in Inner Mongolia and the In-service Teacher Training” mainly combined with three international cooperation projects. They are the "China Green Education Action of Primary and Secondary Schools" by the WWF and Ministry of Education, the "Youth Love Water Action" by the WWF and Beijing Normal University and the "Ecological China Education Act" by the Shangri-la Institute and Ministry of Education. With an emphasis on “The Sustainable Development of Inner Mongolia Regional Ecological Environment”, the center has developed a set of suitable and effective curriculum mode for primary and secondary schools in the rural pastoral areas in Inner Mongolia. The curriculum mode is about " Research on the Comprehensive Practice of the Education for Sustainable Development”, which is to widely improve consciousness and ability of the education for environment and sustainable development of the primary and secondary school teachers. It is also aiming to protect the ecological environment of grasslands in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and to promote the sustainable development of grasslands.
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