RCE Minna Organises 2nd Green Fingers Programme

Between 19-21 August, 2019, RCE Minna organised the 2nd Edition of the 'Green Fingers Programme: An Environmental Summer School for Children', at the RCE Minna Resource Centre, bringing together 17 children from various schools in Minna aged between four to eight years old. Under the theme, 'Developing a New Crop of Environmental Enthusiasts', the programme's aim was geared towards empowering and sparking participants to take action in safeguarding the environment and to become champions of environmental sustainability, through capacity building and hands-on training, in order to foster understanding of the SDGs, the effects of climate change, and how they can contribute in combating it.

The programme had among its components issues that address health, water, sanitation, environmental awareness and protection of our ecology, SDGs, and tree planting, particularly multipurpose trees with nutritional medicinal benefits. A tree planting demonstration at the RCE Minna garden was conducted, educating the children on the importance of trees, how it can preserve the climate, and how this can make an impact in their communities. 

The major outcomes from the programme include: 

  1. The kids now know the importance of tree planting and why maintaining at least one at their various homes is important
  2. They now have basic knowledge of Climate Change and the SDGs
  3. Attitudinal change towards the environment
  4. Some of the children are going back home to read wide beyond what they have been taught about their environments

The Green Fingers Programme was first initiated by RCE Minna's partner Interflora Nigeria, and first held in Kano, Nigeria with only 10 children. The programme is now hosted by RCE Minna. A video of the programme can be watched here.

(Photo credits: RCE Minna)